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Browse compact and portable vacuum pumps, systems, and accessories for effectively removing and disposing of laboratory waste.

Aspirator Accessories

Vacuum Pumps


Test Equipment

Explore portable, reliable particle counters and digital and infrared thermometers that provide quick readings and enable easy access to data.

Infrared & Digital Thermometers

Particle Counters


Hotplates and Stirrers

Find hotplates, stirrers, and reaction stations for precise temperature and mixing control, available with digital displays, safety stands, power supplies, and more.

Modular Stirrer

Reaction Stations & Accessories

Stirring Hot Plates


pH and Electrochemistry

Choose from a wide variety of pH and electrochemistry products, including meters, probes, and electrodes for your laboratory applications.

Portable pH Meters

Benchtop pH Meters

Probes & Electrodes


Heating Mantles

Browse assorted heating mantles that include an insulated heating element to enable direct contact with glassware without the risk of shattering.

Multi-Position Extractors

Non-Stirring Mantles

Stirring Heating Mantles



Explore labels and moisture-resistant boxes and dividers made of a variety of durable materials for storing vials and tubes at low and ultra-low temperatures.

Cryogenic Boxes

Cryo Labels

Tubes & Vials



Find the right chromatography products to help you maintain sample integrity, maximize productivity, and achieve reproducible results.

Protein Purification Columns

Solvent Delivery Caps

Solvent Waste Kits


Melting Point

View analog and digital apparatus varieties in a range of styles for accurately measuring the melting temperatures of your samples.

Melting Point Apparatus

Melting Point Instruments


PCR & Temperature Control

Choose from a wide selection of units that offer high performance and high throughput for maximum flexibility when processing large numbers of samples.

qPCR Thermal Cyclers

Thermal Cyclers

Featured Products

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Sartorius Cubis II Laboratory Balances

Sleek Design

Browse Cole-Parmer™ Stuart Analog Stirring Hot Plates for your laboratory.

Shop Hot Plates

Sartorius Minisart SRP Syringe Filters

Precise, Quiet, and Ergonomic

Buy Argos Technologies™ Omega Zen™ Pipette Controllers for added comfort.

Shop Pipette Controllers

Sartorius Tacta Single and Multichannel Mechanical Pipettes

Versatile and Compact

Choose an Oakton™ Waterproof Big Display pHTestr™ 30 for the field or laboratory.

Shop pH/Temperature Meters

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About Cole-Parmer

Cole-Parmer is a leading global manufacturer of environmental, testing and measurement, and life sciences equipment and supplies. Its products support many industries including pharmaceutical, academic, industrial, and food and beverage. Explore the Cole-Parmer portfolio of proprietary and unique industry-leading brands, including Traceable and Environmental Express. Also, look for products calibrated in the Cole-Parmer ISO-17025-accredited metrology lab.