Glass and Plastic Labware

Glass and Plastic Labware

All Eisco™ glassware is made from high quality borosilicate 3.3 glass, which provides high heat tolerance as well as excellent chemical and physical durability.

Eisco plastic labware has been designed with proprietary molds and processes. Only the highest quality raw materials are used to help ensure durability, accuracy, and clear readability.


Safety Pack Lab Glass

New Eisco Safety Pack Lab Glass comes in convenient sets and includes custom foam inserts for break-free shipping and storage.


Premium Glass Beakers & Measuring Cylinders

Options include low form, tall form, and new heavy-duty beakers. Class-A and Class-B graduated cylinders are available from 5 mL to 5,000 mL. All Eisco glassware is made from high-quality borosilicate 3.3 glass.


Glass Flasks

Choose from a variety of flasks to fit your life sciences and chemistry needs. Options include boiling and distilling flasks, Erlenmeyer flasks, filtering flasks, and Class-A and Class-B volumetric flasks. All made from high-quality borosilicate 3.3 glass.


Polypropylene Labware

Polypropylene labware provides a shatter-free laboratory experience. Eisco proprietary technology provides polypropylene products of exceptional clarity. Beakers, measuring jugs, and graduated cylinders are available in a variety of sizes.


TPX (PMP) Labware

Eisco TPX (or PMP) labware offers clarity that will make you think you are working with glass. Beakers, measuring jugs, and graduated cylinders are available in a variety of sizes.

Equipment and Supplies

Equipment and Supplies

Eisco™ equipment and supplies are known for innovative features that focus on maximizing safety, durability, and ease of use. They have been designed and tested by educators and laboratory professionals to ensure they meet the needs of classroom and laboratory applications as well as last for years, even with repeated use.


Metalware Sets

These metalware sets have been designed to provide convenience and include only high-quality pieces that are durable and easy to use.


Clamps and Boss Heads

Support a variety of applications. These clamps and boss heads are made from high-quality metal, can support heavy loads, and are designed for ease of use and adjustment.



An innovative redesign of a laboratory staple, the Eisco lab burner series features wide bases for stability — even when connected to a hose. Feet easily fit underneath stands and candlestick-style handles allow you to carry burners without touching the hot metal tube. All Eisco burners are available in natural gas or liquid propane gas versions.


Hot Plates and Stirrers

Find a stylish and economical range of hot plates and stirrers, including those with ceramic-coated aluminum plates for chemical resistance. Powerful heating elements provide quick heating of samples.


Lab Jacks and Stands

Useful in a variety of science classrooms and laboratories, Eisco lab jacks and stands are lightweight yet provide reliable stability and strength.



Eisco™ offers a range of products for life sciences and biology curricula. Find high-quality models, dissecting equipment and supplies, microscopy essentials, and more.


Human Anatomy Models

Designed by experts to include an amazing level of realism and detail, these models are hand painted and include numbered keycards.


Zoology and Dissection Models

An alternative to traditional dissection activities, these expert-designed, hand-painted models offer high levels of realism and detail and include numbered keycards.


Plant Models

These models provide great hands-on learning opportunities for general biology and botany course work. They’re designed by experts and include an amazing level of realism and detail along with numbered keycards.



Eisco™ has been designing and manufacturing educational physics apparatus for over 50 years. Find equipment, demonstrations, and supplies to support hands-on exploration of physics from elementary school through university-level curricula.


Physical Demonstrations

These demonstrations include classic as well as new, innovative apparatus that allow students to explore a variety of scientific principles.



Explore Earth’s physical structure and its role in the solar system with a variety of models. Browse an extensive collection of rocks and minerals that complement classroom and laboratory activities.



Find hand-selected, authentic sedimentary, igneous, and metamorphic specimens that feature key educational characteristics. Some of the most popular specimens for classroom instruction and activities include:



Enhance classroom and laboratory learning with hand-selected mineral specimens sourced from locations around the world. Some of the most popular specimens for classroom instruction and activities include:


Fossil Replicas

Use high-quality fossil replicas to expand the reach of your lessons and activities as far back as millions of years ago.


Specimen Sets and Activity Kits

Eisco™ rock and mineral collections and activity kits aid in hands-on exploration and identification of rock and mineral specimens.


Geology Models and Globes

Bring lessons and activities about the Earth’s physical structure to life with a range of models and globes that also enhance the study of its position and behavior in the solar system.



Understand molecules, elements, and the physical and chemical characteristics of matter with Eisco™ chemistry products, including molecular model sets, microchemistry glassware sets, periodic tables, and more.


Molecular Model Sets

Students can build tangible models to discover atomic structure and interaction with a variety of traditional sets for basic through advanced chemistry curricula.


Lab Safety

Find safety products made from high-quality materials with features to keep hands-on learning safe and accessible for science classrooms and laboratories.


Periodic Tables

Eisco has partnered with Fisher Science Education to design these updated periodic tables. They include the new elements Nihonium, Moscovium, Tennessine, and Oganesson.