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For more than 50 years, Swift Optical Instruments has been a global leader in the manufacturing and product of quality microscopes. .

Digital, Wi-Fi and Tablet Microscope Solutions

Swift continues its innovative legacy by adding new microscope lines featuring digital Wi-Fi and tablet options designed to meet the ever-increasing and challenging needs of teachers and students.  New this year is the M10T-BTW1 Digital Tablet series and the Moticam X2 Battery Wi-Fi Digital eyepiece camera. 

Swift continues to partner with educators to provide hands-on workshop experiences, relevant classroom resources and STEM applications.  Swift's constant commitment to quality and technical expertise ensures that you are getting the best product for your budget and use. 

Browse this extensive line to discover how Swift microscopes, digital products and software may be used in your classroom or teaching environment.

Swift Optical: What makes us different?

Microscope Solutions from traditional to cutting edge digital: Our experience, enduing quality and expert technicians makes the difference.