Vaginal Microbiota Testing


Looking for a low cost, flexible and precise qPCR solution for vaginal microbiota investigations?

The Need to Investigate Urogenital Infections

Every year, more than one billion women in the U.S. contract urinary tract infections, vaginitis or bacterial vaginosis. The latter is fairly common (10 to 15%) for women of childbearing age and is the reason for an estimated 20 million annual medical visits. If not detected, bacterial vaginosis can cause genital tract infection and can complicate pregnancy.

Why use real-time PCR in vaginal microbiota investigations?

Some microorganisms can grow very slowly in culture, can be hard to cultivate, or cannot even be cultivated when using traditional non-molecular techniques such as cultures or microscopy. These methods are subjective and can take a long time. They can often be costly, too.

The Right Testing Solutions for Your Needs

Offering the widest coverage of commensal and pathogenic microbes compared with other currently available molecular tests, our range of Applied Biosystems™ TaqMan® Assays gives you the flexibility and freedom to configure a low-cost, high-throughput testing solution that’s right for you.

The Applied Biosystems™ real-time PCR qualified solution for vaginal microbiota investigations was released in mid 2016. Within 12 months, over 150,000 samples have been tested globally using our solution. This number continues to grow.

Features of our solution include:

  • The widest range of both commensal and pathogenic microbes involved in urogenital infections compared to other currently available molecular tests
  • Content that has been qualified — meaning it has been tested against genomic and synthetic DNA, with both amplification and extraction controls provided as part of the solution
  • High specificity, accuracy and precision through the use of real-time PCR and when compared to traditional culture and microscopy methods
  • High-throughput formats — providing you a significantly low cost per sample compared to other available molecular tests

What’s included as part of this solution?

To ensure you can implement this area of testing in your laboratory quicker, easier and with increased confidence, we have developed a comprehensive solution with various supporting guides and services you can access.

Our solution includes:

  • Qualified Applied Biosystems TaqMan Assays that have been tested against both genomic and synthetic controls
  • Amplification and extraction controls
  • Flexible formats depending on your throughput requirements — from single tube assays to Applied Biosystems™ OpenArray™ formats
  • A user guide and analytical validation service to help you get up and running quickly in your laboratory
To learn more about this, watch our webinar titled, "Vaginal Microbiota Investigations" on demand.

For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.