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Bring hands-on, investigatory learning to your students through dissection. From earthworms to pigs and everything in between, Fisher Science Education provides the highest quality preserved specimens for your classroom.

At Fisher Science Education, we offer both low-formaldehyde and formaldehyde-free options for our specimens.

Fisher-Free™ Specimens

  • 100 percent formaldehyde-free
  • Stored in a nontoxic solution
  • Mold and stiffening resistant
  • Available with colored latex injections

Bio-Fresh™ Specimens

  • Fixed in formaldehyde, repeatedly rinsed and packaged in Bio-Fresh* solution
  • Meets or exceeds OSHA lab standards for formaldehyde
  • Available with colored latex injections
  • Budget-friendly

Color-Coded Latex Injections

Specimens with both treatments are available with colored latex injections to make major systems easier to identify.

  • Single injected: red latex in the arterial system
  • Double injected: blue latex in venous system, red in arterial system
  • Triple injected: yellow latex in the hepatic portal system, blue in the venous system, and red in the arterial system

The Fisher Science Education Guarantee

Fisher Science Education is committed to providing the highest quality specimens and service.

  • All biological specimens are guaranteed for one year
  • Receive a full credit on any defective merchandise
  • Call Fisher Science Education customer service at 1-800-955-1177 for more information

Specimen Acquisition

We recognize the role that respect for life and the environment play in biology education, which is why only humane and socially acceptable methods of collection are used for the specimens you'll receive. Fisher Science Education selects suppliers that are in strict accordance with all government guidelines and regulations, and that have all necessary permits for obtaining, processing and transporting specimens. Endangered, threatened and protected wildlife will never be sold.

Safety, Storage & Disposal

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Safety, Storage and Disposal

The safety, storage and disposal of preserved specimens is a vital part of dealing with these important education tools. The information below may help simplify the processes and maximize the use of your preserved specimens.

  • Fisher Science Education's specimens meet or exceed OSHA formaldehyde standards of less than 0.75ppm for eight hours of exposure in a typically ventilated lab
  • Refrigeration is not necessary, but extreme temperatures (low and high) should be avoided
  • Keep vac-packs sealed until needed, then store specimens in Fisher Science Education Bio-Fresh™ holding solution for reuse
  • Disposal is simple — treat specimens and liquids like any other solid and liquid waste
  • Always follow your area's guidelines for disposal, dumping or incineration

Packaging and Labeling

  • Most specimens are available in your choice of pails or vacuum-sealed plastic bags. Some smaller specimens come in jars, where indicated

Bio-Fresh Pails

  • Filled with Fisher Science Education Bio-Fresh preservative for safe shipping and easy storage of specimens
  • Ideal for specimens intended for reuse
  • Contents, lot numbers and production dates are printed on every label
  • Due to the weight of the liquid, special shipping charges apply


  • Good solution for customers who already have storage methods (pails, plastic bags, etc.)
  • Individually packaged specimens are very convenient and easy to distribute to students
  • Smaller specimens, such as grasshoppers and sheep eyes, come in packs of 10 to reduce waste
  • Heat-sealed with three layers of impermeable plastic and stamped with a production date and lot number
SpecimensDissection Supplements

Dissection Supplements

Fisher Science Education also offers a full line of supplemental items to aid your dissection.

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