Pharma and Chemical

Pharma and Chemical

BUCHI chemistry workflow solutions support many steps of your research, development, and production process. BUCHI is known to offer reliable, accurate, and easy-to-use equipment and instruments. Dependable equipment for evaporation, separation and purification, and freeze drying is critical for efficient synthesis and production. Accurate and automated melting point instruments help you analyze your samples and materials.

Complementary equipment used in the chemistry workflow allows for one supplier to support your technical and application needs: evaporate solvents from synthetic reactions, liquid extractions, filtrations, and preparative chromatography fractions; separate and purify complex reaction mixtures or extracts using flash or preparative HPLC; and use lyophilization to gently dry aqueous extractions or chromatography fractions.


From evaporation to purification to drying and final analysis, BUCHI offers the equipment and instruments you need for reproducible chemistry research.


Evaporation and Concentration

In 1957, BUCHI introduced the first commercial rotary evaporator. With technological expertise and user focus, it developed the Rotavapor into an intelligent and fully integrated system. BUCHI’s carefully conceived solutions meet various needs, whether you operate in research, development, or production. Its benchtop and industrial rotary evaporators and systems come with your choice of condensers, vacuum pumps, controllers, chillers, and other options to help you customize your solvent removal needs.

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Separation and Purification

Whatever the complexity or scale of your purification process, BUCHI’s preparative chromatography systems are designed to fulfill your changing needs. Pure Chromatography Systems offer prep HPLC and flash chromatography separations and purifications in a single, compact platform. Ensure your desired compounds are collected with a broad UV-Vis scanning range and industry-leading ELS detection for non-absorbing compounds or UV-active solvents. Together with a broad range of high-performance flash chromatography and prep HPLC columns, you get an optimized solution suited to your purification workflow.

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Freeze Drying

BUCHI has been producing user-friendly and highly beneficial solutions in laboratory evaporation for more than 55 years. Those decades of experience and quality demands feed directly into innovative solutions for freeze drying. For the first time, continuous freeze drying is available to a broad spectrum of applications from research and development to quality control, enabling you to efficiently dry aqueous extracts, chromatography samples, and peptides and proteins, or remove minute quantities of water from chemical samples. Freeze dried samples are stable for storage or testing when processed using one of BUCHI’s powerful freeze dryers.

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With solutions to determine your melting and boiling points, BUCHI provides high-accuracy, automatic and/or visual determination and optional qualification packages to meet the highest regulatory standards. Automatic determination enables unattended analysis and provides results in video and data formats for review. An optimized heating block allows for faster cooling times and higher throughput. Fail-safe menu-guided calibration and verification with supplied standards and automated determination ensures accuracy and repeatability.

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Food and Beverage

Food and Beverage

Effective measures against food fraud, efficient and healthy food processing, and the development of functional food and nutraceuticals are just a few of the many challenges in modern food and beverage production and analysis. Whether it be incoming goods inspection, process monitoring, or final product quality control, BUCHI instruments provide quick and reliable results in the lab and rugged production environments.

Trust BUCHI’s Kjeldahl and NIR solutions for incoming or outgoing goods inspection, at-line production, or quality control for declaration purposes. Meet your proximate analysis needs to validate nutrient content for fat, protein and nitrogen, and moisture and ash using primary reference methods like Kjeldahl or NIR that work quickly and without chemicals.


Rely on automated primary or secondary methods to measure protein, fat, moisture, and more with confidence.


Protein Determination

Ensure compliant protein determination for food and feed products using automated Kjeldahl and NIR. The Kjeldahl method is an internationally accepted primary method for the determination of nitrogen and protein content of food and feed materials. Process samples with safety and efficiency according to AOAC, ISO, and other standards.

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Rapid Analysis

Get nutrition and quality control data in seconds with little to no sample prep using BUCHI NIR. Easy autocalibration solutions for your primary methods of extraction or Kjeldahl. NIR offers quick and accurate results without solvents or chemicals. Real-time analysis and immediate quality and process control feedback eliminate laboratory hold times for incoming goods inspection and product release.

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Evaporation and Drying

BUCHI SyncorePlus instruments stand apart from the rest in parallel evaporation. Advanced automation features increase productivity, and its advanced design protects the desired analyte. Along with increased analyte recovery, solvent recovery of >95% is achieved without the consumption of nitrogen. Automated evaporation with analytical precision and safety of up to 96 samples to dryness, or concentration of up to 12 samples to residual volumes, increases throughput and allows you to proceed with other tasks.

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Freeze Drying

Freeze drying is a gentle form of drying and may be used to preserve foods without changing their appearance or taste. The process also avoids the loss and degradation of volatile compounds and results in a stable product with increased shelf life. As the market leader in laboratory evaporation, BUCHI offers the first laboratory freeze dryer with continuous sublimation and quick-design programming and running of methods. Infinite-Technology™ utilizes two alternately working condensers for continued operation.

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A clean and safe environment is a prerequisite for health and quality of life. BUCHI contributes to this by providing market-leading solutions for sample preparation and analysis to a wide range of industrial companies, environmental testing labs, consultants, and government authorities.

Samples from air, soil, sediment, sludge, waste, and wastewater are challenging to analyze. BUCHI offers a wide range of solutions designed for quick, efficient, and reliable sample preparation and testing for the assessment of environmental pollution. Compliance is key and these products will help you meet EPA, AOAC, ISO, and other regulatory methods.


Automate sample preparation and testing for increased throughput and accurate and repeatable results.


Parallel Concentration

BUCHI SyncorePlus instruments stand apart from the rest in parallel concentration. Advanced automation features increase productivity, and its advanced design protects the desired analyte. Along with increased analyte recovery, solvent recovery of >95% is achieved without the consumption of nitrogen. Automated evaporation with analytical precision and safety of up to 96 samples to dryness, or concentration of up to 12 samples to residual volumes, increases throughput and allows you to proceed with other tasks.

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Nitrogen Determination

Monitoring of organic (TKN) and inorganic nitrogen is important to ensure the quality of fresh and waste water, agricultural soils, and air. BUCHI offers flexible nitrogen determination with Kjeldahl from digestion to fully or semi-automated distillation and titration from a single sample to 48 using an autosampler. Safely run automated sample preparation and determination with automated reagent handling, user protection and guidance, and no sample tube cleaning or transfer.

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The safe investigation, production, and quality control of the active compounds in cannabis require a diverse portfolio of scientific equipment and instruments and related application knowledge. Growers, extractors, and final product manufacturers find that BUCHI’s portfolio offers many trusted solutions to support their workflows.

BUCHI’s solutions span the process workflow from evaporation and concentration after extraction to the purification of desired cannabinoids and final analysis of end products. BUCHI’s extended experience in the industry provides reliable equipment and support to the cannabis market.


BUCHI’s comprehensive range of equipment is backed by experience and support that will take you from extraction to final product.


Extraction and Concentration

Isolation of cannabinoids and therapeutic terpenoids typically requires the use of organic solvents for extraction or steps afterward. Industrial-scale rotary evaporators are commonly used to cover almost the entire range of solvent handling in cannabis production. Removal of the solvent is performed with careful vacuum and temperature control optimized to limit any degradation of the target cannabinoid compounds.

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Cannabinoid Separation

Flash chromatography is a suitable method for the separation of different compounds of cannabis extract from each other. With this technique, it is possible to produce pure cannabinoids like CBD or THC. Flash chromatography can also be used to remove unwanted substances, such as pesticides, from the extract. The resulting products are then concentrated again using a rotary evaporator.

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Rapid Analysis

Near-infrared (NIR) technology is used to develop a fast, cost-effective, and environmentally friendly method to provide quantitative data of THC and CBD content in different sources of cannabis. This analytical method is ideal for the assessment of heterogeneous material where simultaneous results of different parameters can be obtained during measurement. NIR can be used in various steps of production such as harvesting, extraction, and approving the final product.

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