• Demonstration on how to connect your WiFi devices to the NeuLog WiFi module.

    The NeuLog Wi-Fi Demo

    Neulog takes a new approach to data collection with its plug-and-play, Wi-Fi system. In this demonstration, three meters are connected, allowing the data to be collected from a nearby laptop.

  • Demonstration of investigating breathing and respiration using NeuLog's own Respiration Belt.

    The NeuLog Respiration Belt Video

    Combine the NeuLog Spirometer with the Neulog Respiration belt to unlock even more potential! Use of these two sensors in unison measures breathing range, breath intensity and total air volume.

  • Learn about how to view and manage NeuLog sensor data with the viewer.

    NeuLog's Own Data Viewer

    Don’t have access to a computer? No problem! The NeuLog Data Viewer connects to all your NeuLog sensors to monitor data collection and view compiled data without a computer.

  • Demonstrating how to measure velocity using Visual Scientifics and NeuLog photogate sensor

    Mechanics Demonstrations from NeuLog

    NeuLog Sensors and Visual Scientific Kits bring physics to life. Utilize the Visual Scientific Kit to calculate the velocity of a car sliding down a plane, then check your calculations with the NeuLog Photogate Sensor.

  • An investigation of exothermic reactions using the NeuLog Temperature Sensor.

    NeuLog Temperature Sensor Video

    Create an exothermic chemical reaction with common household items to demonstrate a variety of principles to students young and old. NeuLog Temperature Sensors can help monitor this reaction.

  • Demonstration on how to take someone's pulse using a NeuLog Pulse Sensor

    NeuLog's Pulse Sensor Demo

    Measure your pulse with IR technology, the same technology regularly used in healthcare, using the Neulog Pulse Sensor. This demonstration also provides a quick overview of the technology behind the sensor.

  • Demonstration on how to measure muscle fatigue using the NeuLog hand dynamometer.

    NeuLog Hand Dynamometer Video

    NeuLog’s Hand Dynamometer measures the force being applied from the hand, so the decrease in pressure over time shows the growing fatigue in the forearm muscle.

  • Demonstration of how NeuLog's own motion sensor works when walking in a line

    The NeuLog Motion Sensor

    Use the NeuLog Motion Sensor to get students up and participating in a simple experiment to recreate a motion graph. Students learn about the scientific method, as well as motion and velocity graphs.

  • A demonstration on how to measure elastic and inelastic collisions with the NeuLog Forceplate sensor

    NeuLog's Forceplate Sensor Video

    The NeuLog Forceplate Sensor measures the force received. In this simple experiment, the force for elastic and inelastic collision is compared, to show students the difference between the two.

  • Demonstration and explanation of the the NeuLog's own ECG sensor

    NeuLog's ECG Video

    Making electrocardiograms available for education, NeuLog’s ECG sensor utilizes the same technology from the healthcare field to show students a basic electrocardiogram.

  • A demonstration of NeuLog's own Galvanic skin response (GSR) sensor and its applications

    NeuLog's Galvanic Skin Response Sensor Video

    Demonstrate the basics of Galvanic skin response, a change in conductance due to the sweat glands responding to stimuli, like a sound or smell. This sensor is insightful for biology or physiology classrooms.