BD Veritor

BD Veritor System for the Rapid Detection of Flu A+B, RSV and Group A Strep

Point of Care Flu Assay System

The new BD class of instrumented systems provides a higher quality result with increased sensitivity. This is the first CLIA-waived Digital Immunoassay for rapid detection of Flu A + B, RSV and Group A Strep. This is a new category of diagnostic tests where the assay and instrument collaborate to combine advances in detection particles, optical image recognition and interpretation algorithms to improve accuracy.

The BD Veritor™ System features Advanced Particle Technology, which enhances the sensitivity of the test. The combination of the BD Veritor System test device and the compact BD Veritor System Digital Reader results in antigen detection below the visible limit, helping reduce false negative results.

The Adaptive Read Technology helps to improve the specificity of the BD Veritor System by reducing false positive results. The BD Veritor System test device and the compact BD Veritor System Digital Reader contain proprietary technology and assay algorithms to help distinguish antigen-specific antibody binding from non-specific binding.

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BD Preanalytical Systems

Reliability and Safety

BD Vacutainer™ Urine Collection System

Protect workers and keep patients happy with a closed system that eliminates the need for re-collections and re-labeling, and reduces the potential for preanalytical errors.

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One Step for High-Quality Samples

BD Vacutainer™ Plasma Preparation Tubes (PPT™)

Conveniently and safely collect high-quality plasma for molecular diagnostic testing with this one-step, closed-system tube for blood collection, undiluted plasma preparation and transportation.

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Stay Safe While Protecting Them

BD Vacutainer™ Push-Button Blood Collection Sets with Luer Adapter

Protect against needlestick injury with this set’s push-button safety mechanism, which offers split-second protection for that single moment which could potentially change your life. 

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About BD Diagnostics

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