NEW from LaMotte

LaMotte Company is pleased to introduce a new line of visual comparators and test kit packaging: Water Pollution Kit Series

  • The new Octa-Slide 2 Comparator allows color matching in an instant, without manipulating tubes
  • The new LRC Low Range Comparator requires only two tubes, and a slide of precise color-filled glass ampoules makes matching even light color variations far simpler
  • The new kit boxes lay flat when open, creating a stable workplace and storage area, and the hinged lid eliminates mixing of lids and bottoms
  • The new Field Tote will provide years of rugged field service with room to carry the extras often left behind
Curriculum Packages

LaMotte Company's series of hands-on curricula is designed for elementary and middle school environmental science education, grades 4 - 8. Take your students on a Tour, without leaving the classroom!

Each Tour is a unique, inquiry-based curriculum. The package includes lecture materials, illustrated handouts, teacher tips, test procedures, TesTabs® reagents and test strips, data sheets and a variety of word puzzles to reinforce key concepts.

Designed as a complete mini-curriculum, many teachers elect to pull portions of the Tour to supplement their existing curriculum.

Available Packages


Tap Water Tour: Analyze the quality of tap water at home or in the classroom.

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Topsoil Tour: Examine and compare the physical and chemical properties of topsoil.

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Watershed Tour: Designed for teachers who are unable to visit a watershed with their students, this kit guides the class through a week-long series of activities focused on stream and river ecosystems.

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Test Kits

LaMotte Company manufactures a complete line of environmental science kits to test parameters, from A to Z. Available individually or in combination, there is a kit that can be used in any classroom or field project.

Water Quality Educator and Monitoring Outfit


The new Water Quality Educator and Monitoring Outfit provides test equipment for seven critical water monitoring factors, conveniently packaged in a rugged field tote. Also supplied is the Water Quality Educator CD ROM and the Monitor's Handbook, resource materials to start your students' journey right in the classroom.

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SMART 3 Colorimeter


Ideal for water analysis in the lab or in the field, the new waterproof SMART 3 Colorimeter goes wherever your students need to go. Easy-to-use software allows the student to select one of over 75 pre-programmed LaMotte calibrations. The meter automatically selects the proper wavelength, and the result is displayed on the large, backlit display. There is also room for 25 user calibrations to be stored for future experiments.

Other features include:

  • Powered by a lithium rechargeable battery or USB cable/wall plug
  • Optional software allows date and time stamped data to be downloaded to a PC via the USB connection
  • The meter logs up to 500 data points

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