Lock in Quality, Safety and Reliability with FisherLOCK

Fisher Chemical FisherLOCK™ caps are placed on our amber glass bottles during manufacturing to provide a patented, tamper-evident secure seal that preserves the integrity of your chemicals.

  • Easy Release: The outer shell of the cap is designed to provide effortless opening and easy resealing
  • Tamper Evidence: The interior ring of the cap is visible from various angles and offers resistance until the bottle is initially opened, ensuring integrity without the drawbacks and complications of a plastic seal over the cap
  • Hazard Identification: Color-coded bands at the bottom of the cap are based on well-known industry-standard color-coding guidelines to help you easily identify hazards and properly store and handle your chemicals


Exclusive color-coded design provides storage guidelines.


Red (R): Flammable. Store in area segregated for flammable reagents.


Blue (B): Health hazard. Toxic if inhaled, ingested or absorbed through skin. Store in secure area.


Yellow (Y): Reactive and oxidizing reagents. May react violently with air, water or other substances. Store away from flammable and combustible materials.


White (W): Corrosive. May harm skin, eyes, mucous membrane. Store away from red-, yellow- and blue-coded reagents.


Gray (G): Presents no more than moderate hazard in any of the categories above. For general chemical storage.

Exception: Reagent incompatible with other reagents of the same color bar. Store separately.


The packaging enhancements provided by FisherLOCK caps give you easy and reliable access to your chemicals while protecting their quality — keeping you and your lab safe.



  • Provides a tight, tamper-evident, secure seal to ensure chemical contents arrive fresh and unopened
  • Eliminates polyethylene glycol contamination that is possible with a plastic overseal


  • Caps will not back off in transport, reducing any risk of leakage
  • Color-coded rings indicate storage requirements and hazard categories and enhance proper recognition and storage, even before the bottle is removed from the case


  • Rigorously tested for chemical compatibility
  • Bottle threads are unchanged, allowing you to continue to attach the opened bottle to standard equipment


  • Cap design facilitates correct initial torque application during manufacturing, thus eliminating overly tightened caps, which may be hard to open
  • Larger ridges on the exterior of the cap make it easier to open
  • Caps readily reseal after initial opening

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