Hazardous Materials: Detection, Protection, and Containment

Hazardous Material Protection and Response

Protect your people with personal protective equipment, facility safety and maintenance products, chemical monitoring instrumentation, and more from our hazardous material portfolio.

Whether they’re added as part of a production process, used for equipment maintenance, or exist as the byproduct of industrial processes, chemicals are a danger to workers. When chemicals are stored and handled properly, the risk is minimized. But when there’s a spill, appropriate action must be taken to prevent injuries and minimize damage to facilities.

Trust the Fisher Scientific channel for a wide range of hazardous material detection, protection, and containment products from top brands.

For additional information or help making a selection, please contact a safety specialist.

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Personal Protective Equipment

Personal Protective Equipment

Provide your employees with the appropriate eye protection, gloves, and apparel designed specifically for handling chemicals and other hazardous materials.

General Purpose Safety Glasses

Safety Clothing

Fall Protection and Confined Space

Facility Safety and Maintenance

Facility Safety and Maintenance

Keep your facilities safe and your employees protected with eyewash stations, signage, and more.

Chemical Hazard Safety Signs

Flammable Materials Waste Disposal Containers

Eyewashes and Showers

Spill Control and Containment

Chemical Monitoring Instrumentation

Chemical Monitoring Instrumentation

Equip your employees with state-of-the-art instrumentation that detects and alerts of chemical dangers.

Gas and Vapor Detection

Gas Detection Tube Systems

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