Successfully Storing Dry Ice Sonoco ThermoSafe 2-Cube Containers

The Challenge

Maintaining a supply of frozen carbon dioxide (CO2), or dry ice, is difficult. Dry ice sublimates quickly at ambient or room temperature (+20°C), which is 100 degrees warmer than the temperature of frozen carbon dioxide (–80°C).

Benchtop coolers insulated with expanded polystyrene (EPS) may help but cannot maintain lower temperatures for long, becoming too brittle after only a few uses. Older polyurethane coolers typically lack gaskets and tightly fitting lids, so they also perform poorly. In addition, any humidity inside the coolers quickly condenses on the dry ice, creating an inseparable mass of frozen CO2 and frozen water (H2O).

Since CO2 sublimates at –80°C and H2O changes phases at 0°C, you will likely be holding product at a temperature somewhere and often significantly warmer than –80°C. Depending on the application, the actual dry ice temperature may not be critical but not knowing the temperature can be a problem.

Since current supply chain issues have resulted in long lead times and much higher prices for dry ice, better storage solutions are needed now.


The ThermoSafe 2-Cube

Sonoco ThermoSafe, a leader in cold chain shipping packaging, has developed a durable insulated container to effectively hold dry ice. Called the “2-cube” because of its 2.0 cubic foot capacity, it can hold approximately 100 pounds of pelleted or two 50-pound blocks of dry ice. Its one-way gasketed lid, combined with a flex draw latch, lets any sublimated CO2 gas escape while keeping warm air out.

The 2-Cube has a one-piece molded body made from specially formulated, high-impact polyethylene. This material provides enough strength to safely stack units even when they’re full. The polyethylene is easy to clean and maintain and designed to last for at least 10 years. A proprietary blend of polyurethane developed for maximum adhesion to the polyethylene provides high-performance insulation and has an R-value to keep dry ice frozen for a significant time period.

The reusable nature of the 2-Cube and its design help create a more sustainable solution, ultimately saving you money and maintaining the quality of your dry ice. 


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