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In early 2017, RICCA Chemical Company introduced two new product lines: HydroSpec Karl Fischer Reagents for moisture analysis and VeriSpec Organic Standards and Standards for AA and ICP Ion Chromatography. These two lines extend the company’s position as the largest independent manufacturer of analytical solutions, standards and reagents in North America.

“We are proud of our reputation for never cutting corners to deliver our customers products that meet the tightest standards. Our new product lines are no different — both product lines are NIST- traceable where available, and have the tightest specifications tolerances, ensuring low lot-to-lot variability. In fact, all products come with a Certificate of Analysis for convenient reference,” said RICCA President Doug Dowd.

HydroSpec Karl Fischer Reagents

The full line of HydroSpec reagents includes both coulometric and volumetric reagents formulated for high performance and reliable results.

They’re all pyridine-free and packaged in convenient GL 45 bottles, and they support sample types such as ethanol, fuels, fats and oils, and general organic chemicals.

Volumetric reagents are available for both one- and two-component titrations, and include a variety of solvents that are compatible with specific sample types. Coulometric reagents are available for titration cells with or without diaphragms. Additionally, the HydroSpec line includes specialized reagents designed to better analyze samples that are insoluble in methanol to ensure fast, reliable and reproducible results.

HydroSpec reagents bring you faster, more consistent titrations while offering stable endpoints, lot-to-lot consistency and a five-year shelf life. They’re all competitively priced, and you can try a complimentary sample before you fully convert.

VeriSpec Certified Reference Materials

RICCA VeriSpec Certified Reference Materials are manufactured and tested to ISO 17025/Guide 34 requirements to help guarantee precise and accurate results. VeriSpec ICP/ICP-MS standards are available in both single- and multi-element solutions and include elements required by the EPA Contract Laboratory Program. Both single- and multi-element standards are applicable to standard methods, including EPA 200.7, 200.8, 200.9, SW- 846, 6010, 6020 and 200.11.

VeriSpec materials deliver the highest level of quality and are provided with Certificates of Analysis that include traceability of measurements and calibrations to national standards and information about trace elements and other impurities. RICCA can also provide custom blends to meet your specific laboratory needs.

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