Hydranal and Chromasolv: Same Chemicals, New Supplier

By Mike Howie


When Johann Daniel Riedel created a series of pharmaceuticals in 1814, he didn’t realize that his work would provide the foundation for Honeywell Research Chemicals, much less the chemicals industry as a whole. Since then, Honeywell has innovatively manufactured high-quality solvents and analytical reagents and earned ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certifications for their reliability and environmental considerations. And now, Honeywell has expanded its portfolio to include premium research chemicals acquired from Sigma-Aldrich.

Same Results
The new offering includes Chromasolv High-Purity Solvents, Hydranal Reagents for Karl Fischer Titrations, TraceSELECT Inorganics for measuring trace and low-metal content, and the Fluka line of inorganic chemicals and reagents. Although these chemicals were formerly sold as Sigma-Aldrich products, Honeywell was, and will continue to be, their manufacturer. Users can have confidence in the world-class quality and lot-to-lot consistency that have always been associated with these brands.

These chemicals now join Honeywell’s Riedel-de Haën line of high-purity solvents as well as its Burdick & Jackson line of solvents and DNA and RNA reagents. Together, these three chemical product lines offer analytical and chemistry labs a broad range of solvents and essential reagents, all of which deliver the quality and consistency the industry expects from high-quality, premium chemicals. The quality and reliability of Honeywell Research Chemicals stems from over 200 years of experience in the development and production of solvents and reagents.

Honeywell produces the majority of its chemicals in advanced manufacturing facilities in Seelze, Germany and Muskegon, Michigan, USA, ensuring that every lot of every product meets exacting quality standards.

More Choice
The acquired business is now part of Honeywell Fine Chemicals, which has supplied high-quality research chemicals and specialty organic and inorganic compounds to the chemical and pharmaceutical industries for more than 100 years. The core leadership of the acquired business will be maintained, as will its approximately 200 current employees most of whom are located in Seelze, Germany. The expanded business unit will develop and manufacture high-purity research chemicals and other materials used in new drug discovery, medical diagnostic testing and other laboratory applications.

Fisher Scientific is proud to work with Honeywell to offer these products as part of its industry-leading selection of chemicals. Turn to page 7 of this issue of Lab Reporter to browse Honeywell Research Chemicals, or visit fishersci.com/HoneywellChemicals to learn more. If you have specific questions or need help placing an order, visit fishersci.com/ChemicalSpecialist to connect with a Fisher Scientific Chemical Specialist.

Honeywell Research
Chemicals Product Lines

  • Riedel-de Haën High-Purity Solvents for dedicated applications
    • Chromasolv Solvents
    • TraceSELECT Solvents
    • Spectroscopy Solvents
    • ACS and Pharmacopeia Grade
  • Fluka Inorganic Chemicals and Reagents for analytical applications
    • Hydranal Reagents
    • TraceSELECT Inorganics
    • Analytical Inorganics
    • Standard Solutions
  • Burdick & Jackson High-Purity Solvents and DNA/RNA Reagents
    • B&J Brand Multipurpose Solvents
    • B&J GC2 Solvents
    • BioSyn DNA/RNA Reagents
    • Anhydrous Solvents
    • B&J Brand Multipurpose Solvents
  • Honeywell Performance Grade Solvents and Inorganics for general laboratory use