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To view your contract pricing for products you’d like to purchase, you may request a quote from your sales representative or take advantage of web quotes. Web quotes allow you to instantly generate quotes right from your cart. To create web quotes, you’ll need a fishersci.com account and your profile will need to be linked to a business account. Learn how to apply for a business account and link it to your profile.

Once you generate a web quote, you may view or download your quote as a PDF right from your cart. Or you can access it through the Your Account dropdown under Quotes to view, print, or order later. The prices listed on your quote are valid for 30 days as noted by the “Valid through” date.

If you don’t have a contract, you can still take advantage of great pricing through our special offers and programs. We’ve made it easy to find deals from a variety of top brands across a wide range of product categories. Plus, we offer money-saving programs designed to help you take your budget even further.

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