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Fisher Bioreagents Sodium Dodecyl Sulfate (SDS), Micropellets

Sodium Dodecyl Sulfate is the most commonly used detergent in protein purification and electrophoresis. Tested for Dnase, Rnase and Protease to ensure absence of these hydrolyzing enzymes. Mixing easily with acrylamide and tris glycine buffer to make ready to pour.

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Fisher Bioreagents Granulated Media

Introducing the most commonly used bacteriological growth media, now available in granulated form to minimize dusting and inhalation exposure. These media are carefully formulated for the propagation and maintenance of E. coli strains and are used in a variety of molecular biology applications.

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Fisher Bioreagents Ethanol, Absolute (200 Proof), Molecular Biology Grade

For nucleic acid purification and precipitation. Ultrapure molecular biology grade ethanol is used for the purification and precipitation of biomolecules such as nucleic acids and proteins. It is also used in histology to prepare staining and destaining reagents and for dehydrating tissues prior to embedding.

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Water for qPCR

High-purity water helps to minimize the risk of false positive signals. Each lot is submicron filtered and tested for DNase, RNase, protease, nickase, and genomic DNA (E. coli  and human). It is suitable for use in qPCR and RT-qPCR genomics work, microassays, and other sensitive life sciences applications, as well as for manufacturing PCR-related kits and master mixes.

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Fisher Bioreagents: Your Source for Life Science Products


Obtaining optimal results in your life science research requires careful selection of reagents. When your experiments require exact conditions, you can depend on the reliability of Fisher BioReagents products for:

  • QUALITY: Tight specifications
  • CONSISTENCY: Lot-to-lot uniformity
  • SELECTION: Powders, concentrated stock solutions, or ready-to-use liquids
  • PACKAGING: State-of-the-art containers designed for safety and utility
  • CONVENIENCE: Prequalified for a variety of applications
  • ECONOMY: Configurations to meet all budgets
  • SCALE: From bench to batch sizes
Fisher BioReagents meet the needs of every budget and scale. Economical powders come in a variety of package sizes, while concentrated stock solutions offer convenient one-step dilution. Realize the biggest time savings of all when you choose a Fisher BioReagents ready-to-use solution.

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