TCI: Innovating to Improve Lab Safety

Safely and Easily Use Nickel Catalysts in Your Reactions

At TCI, we know safe chemistry is paramount. That's why we are always researching and developing new methods and delivery mechanisms that improve laboratory safety.

Professor Neil Garg at University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA) is performing research that includes the development of catalytic methodologies to activate amide C–N bonds. One particular method involves a nickel-catalyzed amide activation reaction to access esters, other amides, and ketones from this traditionally inert functional group.

Generally unstable and difficult to handle, Ni(cod)2 is commonly used in chemical synthesis to catalyze the formation of a variety of carbon-carbon bonds — the heart of organic chemistry transformations. Noteworthy examples include cycloadditions of 1,3-dienes, cross-coupling reactions, and esterifications.

However, the use of these methodologies has been fettered by the need to handle the synthetically important, air-sensitive Ni(cod)2 precatalyst in a glovebox.

To eliminate these handling challenges, TCI partnered with Garg to develop a long-term air- and moisture-stable paraffin–Ni(cod)2 capsule. These capsules let chemists perform transformations on the open benchtop and have been successfully used for amide activation reactions and a number of other Ni(cod)2-mediated cross-coupling reactions.

These innovative capsules are expected to broaden the use of nickel catalysis in both academia and industry.

TCI’s DualSeal: Air-Free Reagent Containers for Safer Handling

Sealed, air-free products are packaged in TCI’s patented DualSeal reagent bottles. The two-cap design enables safe, air-free transfer of highly sensitive reagents. Additionally, DualSeal containers are self-sealing even after the septum has been pierced and are easily discarded. Lastly, DualSeal bottles can maintain consistent air-tightness over repeated usage and maintain nominal O2 and H2O concentrations.

Please contact your Fisher Scientific sales representative or chemical specialist if you need more information, are interested in Paraffin–Ni(cod)2 capsules, or would like to see a list of products available in DualSeal containers.