Karl Fischer Titration

Karl Fischer (KF) titration is the universally accepted method for determining water content in a variety of samples, and we’ve made it as convenient as possible for you to perform. Find everything you need for both coulometric and volumetric Karl Fischer titrations right here, including top products from the Fisher Chemical™ Aqualine™, Honeywell™ Hydranal™, MilliporeSigma AquaStar™, and Mettler Toledo™ brands.

Top Categories

Top Categories


Coulometric KF Products

For Precise Measurement

Find the reagents, standards, coulometric KF titrators, and titrator accessories you need for measuring very low water content (less than 2%) in liquid and gaseous samples.


Volumetric KF Products

For High Water Content

Get the volumetric KF titrators, reagents, solvents, standards, and titrator accessories you need for samples with higher water content (2% or greater).


Karl Fischer Titration Lab Supplies

Value-Packed Lab Supplies

Find gloves, safety goggles, reusable beakers, gaslight syringes, and more lab supplies.

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