New to Biotechnology


Learn about setting up a biotechnology program, the importance of seeking funding and support through strategic alliances and business partners, and how to sustain your program with recruitment.

What is Biotechnology?

Learn about biotechnology, growing career areas, and how the scientific process plays a role in developing new products.

Key Parts of a Biotechnology Course

Get an overview of the components of a biotechnology course offering, including program goals and the two key sections.

Grant Writing

Learn how to write a successful grant proposal, read guidelines on component parts, and find out what to do if you do (or do not) get your grant.

Setting Up a High School Biotechnology Program

Review the recommended components for the long-term design and practical implementation of a high school biotechnology program in your community.

Headline Discoveries

Visit our Headline Discoveries page for science news and career inspiration in the biotechnology field and beyond.

Biotechnology Glossary

A list of commonly used biotechnology terms and definitions.