Implementing a Biotechnology Program


Learn more about implementing a biotechnology lab, including selecting the right teacher, setting up your lab, and maintaining it for years to come.

The Biotechnology Teacher

Biotechnology teachers help students gain science literacy and teach both the science and business of biotech to prepare students for the future.

Creating Partnerships

Further your understanding of biotech training programs, and learn how to find and recruit program partners.

Tips to Manage Inventory and Save Time

Learn how proper inventory and time management can contribute to the success of your biotechnology lab.

Designing Your Dream Biotech Laboratory

Biotechnology labs require extensive preparation for their setup and overall management, but luckily nearly any room can be converted to a biotechnology lab.

Biotechnology Lab Safety and Waste Disposal

Learn about proper safety and waste disposal procedures to keep your lab running smoothly.

Biotechnology Lab Storage

Learn how to set up a safer biotechnology lab by properly storing chemicals and student samples.