Using Subscription Orders

Save time by creating a subscription order for products you purchase often. To get started, visit your Subscription Order Dashboard.


Navigating the Dashboard

Your Subscription Order Dashboard lets you view the details of existing subscriptions, create new orders, or change subscription orders placed online.

Simply follow these steps to get started:

  1. Sign in to your account.
  2. Select Subscription Orders from the Your Account dropdown menu.
  3. Complete one of the above tasks using the intuitive dashboard.

To help manange your subscriptions, you can sort draft, submitted, open, expiring soon, and closed orders by delivery date, status, or alphabetically. You can also search by order name or PO number.

Viewing Order Details

From your Subscription Order Dashboard, you can see upcoming and previous deliveries, when your next shipment will arrive, and basic order details, such as the description and PO number.

  1. To see more in-depth information for an order, locate an order using the search or filter and click Subscription Order Details.
  2. Click Download Order to download an excel file with your order details.



Creating a Subscription Order

Quickly create a new subscription order while signed in from your Subscription Order Dashboard. Each subscription order expires after one year, at which time you will need to create a new order.

  1. Click Create a New Subscription.
  2. Add your details, including contact information, a name for the order, your payment method, and more.
  3. Select your items by entering the catalog number and quantity. Product restrictions may apply.
  4. Choose your delivery frequency. Schedule at least four days in advance and up to once per week, excluding weekends.
  5. Choose the type of notifications you'd like to receive and add additional email addresses. You can receive an email prior to each shipment and one prior to each order expiration.
  6. Review your selections, make changes, and submit your request.



Changing a Subscription Order

Change a subscription order you’ve created online while signed in from your Subscription Order Dashboard following the steps below. To make changes to an order created by one of our representatives, call Customer Service.

  1. Locate an order using the search or filter and click Subscription Order Details.
  2. Click Edit Order and make your changes by clicking Edit next to the relevant section. In addition to adding or removing items, you’ll be able to change:
    • Item quantities and units of measure
    • Order-level or line-level customer-specific data
    • PO Number
    • Notification preferences
  3. Click Submit. Allow your changes to process for up to 48 hours before attempting to make additional updates.

Please note: Changes can be made to online orders up to 10 days before the delivery date. Any changes made less than 10 days in advance will apply to the next order. Call Customer Service for immediate assistance.



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