Creating a New Profile

New new guided registration personalizes the registration UX guiding customers from personal account creation through business account linking with…​

  • Higher registration conversion rates​
  • Improved account security​
  • Faster overall “full registration” turnaround time for getting business account access​
  • 70% reduction in processing waste and errors​
  • Reduction in complaints related to account registration and maintenance

Step 1: Select Account Profile from the My Account dropdown in the top navigation.

Step 2: Complete the form fields and click on the Create Account button.

Step 3: Creating a personal account/web profile

  • Customer creates their account with basic contact information and log in details
    • NOTE: Email address should be a business email
  • Email verification is in real time to deliver a more personalized and secure user experience

Step 4: Linking to a business account

  • The upgrading to a business account is now personalized and specific to the customer
  • The service identifies if the customer has a verified email address and then if new or existing customer, you are routed to a different form based on that user type