DWK Life Sciences Lab Safety Products


Your important lab work often benefits from the use of specialized products designed with safety features in mind. Trust the DWK Life Sciences range of innovative safety-focused labware and accessories designed for improved robustness and durability and to protect against UV light damage, reduce the risk of spills, and ensure safer handling.

  • Plastic Coated Glassware
    Helps protect users and contents from accidents with external plastic safety coating

  • Pressure Resistant Laboratory Bottles
    Provide a safer option for laboratory applications that involve a vacuum or pressure

  • Bottle Carrying Systems
    Enable convenient, lower-risk transport of bottles containing large volumes of liquid
  • Heavy Duty Glass
    Developed with a higher mechanical strength to withstand the stresses and strains of regular use

  • Silicone Lids
    Cover laboratory containers of different shapes and sizes securely and sustainably

  • Leak Resistant Bottles
    Prevent waste and spillage of valuable contents, including hazardous materials, with double-seal closures

Download the DWK Life Sciences Safety in the Lab Brochure (PDF, 9.1 MB)

Learn more about DWK Life Sciences safety products and get tips for enhancing safety in your lab.

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