Is Your Lab in the Cloud? A Digital Solution for Increasing Demand

Time and accuracy can help or hurt labs, depending on how they’re handled. Today’s labs are juggling more tasks than ever before, and it’s a constant struggle to keep up while still maintaining accuracy.

So how can labs keep up? A technician’s time is incredibly valuable, so if lab technicians perform simple, repetitive tasks in high volume, their work should be evaluated. Is there a better way to get the work done? The answer is yes — with automation. When labs add automation, they can develop faster and more economical ways to complete critical and repetitive tasks.

When striving for accuracy, one option is to replace hand-written labels with pre-printed identification. This helps ensure precision and save time, which helps maintain reliability.

But how can ballooning demands be performed accurately when labs are stuck in overdrive? The answer: technology. Specifically, integrated technology.

A Cloud-Based Solution

Cloud-based technology goes well beyond the storage of information and can be used in real time to:

  • Transform lab workflows
  • Generate greater accuracy
  • Process and track samples 

This may involve combining printers, scanners, materials, and software into a single system that manages lab processes and output.

To harness the cloud’s power in your lab, start by automating sample data. With a printer and software system like the BradyPrinter M611 Mobile Label Printer, Express Labels Mobile App, and Brady Workstation Lab Identification software, this can be easily accomplished.

With an app on a mobile device or tablet, you can access files via the cloud or email and scan data from pre-existing barcode labels using the device camera. This allows you to edit data, change layouts, create new labels, and print sample labels over Bluetooth or Wi-Fi.

The M611 has other lab-friendly features:

  • 2.8 in. color touchscreen display
  • Automatic label formatting with smart-cell technology
  • Rugged rubber bumpers
  • 300 dpi printhead 
  • Rechargeable Li-Ion internal battery and AC power adapter
  • Die-cut, continuous, custom, and bulk label options (up to 2 in.)
  • Auto-cutter
  • Compact design
  • Optional magnet attachment for metal surfaces 

Brady’s Laboratory Identification Software Suite can help labs more fully integrate workflow processes, data, printers, materials, and scanners. Even when working on separate tasks, technicians can share vital information, track samples, and analyze data.

Brady also offers high-quality label materials for many applications, like labels that resist smearing and fading and stay affixed in liquid nitrogen, freezers, autoclaves, and hot water baths — even when exposed to chemicals and solvents.

Embrace Your Digital Future

It's easy to get stuck on a single lab task instead of focusing on the whole process. But labs need to reevaluate their use of technology to provide faster and more accurate data.

Cloud-based technology in labs is important for sharing, importing, tracking, and printing critical sample data. An integrated system like the BradyPrinter M611 Label Printer, app, and software suite can help you manage time and accuracy — all in the cloud.


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