Greener Chemical Solutions for Your Laboratory

The concept of green chemistry includes a set of twelve principles that allow for greater sustainability and limit the environmental impact of chemical processes.

Despite the challenges involved in meeting these principles, we have a range of customer solutions within our laboratory chemicals portfolio that help to maximize efficiency while minimizing the hazardous effects on human health and the environment.

Solutions for Waste Prevention

Choice is at the heart of what we offer. Most products are available in a range of packaging options to help customers reduce the waste created from using multiple small packs or the need to dispose of unwanted material from larger packs. For air- and moisture-sensitive chemicals or very reactive products, our industry-leading Acros Organics™ AcroSeal™ packaging system protects product integrity so that less unused chemical is discarded. Visit for more information.

The Styrofoam-free EcoSafPak is made by a manufacturer certified by the Sustainable Forestry Initiative (SFI). EcoSafPak™ packaging uses hexacomb design inserts to minimize the use of non-recyclable materials. These revolutionary inserts ensure that the outer package is not only sturdy and durable, but also fully recyclable. Select cases of glass bottles of Fisher Chemical™ products (4 x 4L, 1 x 4L, 6 x 1L, 6 x 500mL, 1 x 2.5L, 1 x 1L, 1 x 500mL, 2 x 4L, 2 x 1L and 2 x 500mL) are delivered in EcoSafPak cartons. Visit for more information.

The FisherPak™ Solvent Delivery System* is an ideal choice when working with large quantities of high-purity solvents. It can be used to deliver solvents with enhanced safety, improved productivity and reduced environmental impact, from labs to production volumes.

The system can also reduce the amount of solid waste generated in your laboratory: a reusable 200L FisherPak container replaces 50 four liter bottles and associated packing material. The sealed delivery system also ensures that flammable or toxic solvent liquids and vapors are not released into the environment. And the empty FisherPak containers are cleaned and refilled by the Fisher Scientific™ team, meaning no more on-site bottle rinsing.

Each FisherPak Solvent Delivery System is configured to meet the unique requirements of the laboratory. A Fisher Scientific™  Sales Representative will help you to determine the optimal container fleet size and accessories needed, including:

  • The types of chemicals required
  • The expected annual usage of each chemical
  • Other site-specific requirements

Contact your Fisher Scientific Representative to schedule an initial discussion or visit to learn more. Most solvents/blends are available upon request.

Less environmentally damaging chemical alternatives such a 2-Methyl tetrahydrofuran (2-MeTHF) and cyclopentyl methyl ether (CPME) offer alternatives to solvents like tetrahydrofuran (THF); they do not form peroxides and are not miscible with water, so they reduce the volumes of waste water and waste solvents.

2-MeTHF and CPME are both available as neat solvents and combined with a range of common reagents in premade solutions. They are also offered in AcroSeal packaging to further reduce waste potential.

Alternatives to methylene chloride/methanol binary eluents and other chlorinated solvents for chromatography applications are also available in the Fisher Chemical offering. A replacement for dichloromethane, used for flash and normal phase chromatography, is available in Fisher Chemical™ Optima™ Grade Ethyl Acetate Ethanol 3:1 Solution. Studies have demonstrated that binary eluents of ethyl acetate and alcohols are suitable chromatography substitutes.1, 2

Ionic Liquids

As replacements for organic solvents, ionic liquids benefit from excellent solvating properties, have no measurable vapor pressure and are non-flammable, offering a greener and safer alternative. The Alfa Aesar™ and Acros Organics™ portfolios have a range of ionic liquids, including imidazolium, pyridinium, ammonium, and pyrrolidinium ionic liquids.


The use of catalysts enables increased selectivity, minimized waste, reduced reaction times, and therefore, saves energy. The Alfa Aesar product offering includes a full range of catalysts, precious metal salts and solutions that are manufactured to stringent specifications and available in a range of purities and concentrations.

Homogeneous catalysis provides an excellent choice where highly specific reactions are desired (such as chiral transformations).

Due to their high selectivity, precious metal chemicals are often the first choice as heterogeneous catalysts for hydrogenation, hydrosilation, isomerization, carbonylation, and other reactions. Choose our chiral ligands for asymmetric hydrogenation, novel palladium coupling catalysts, platinum group metal (PGM)-based heterogeneous catalysts or Sponge Nickel catalysts.

Supporting Our Customers

Through our packaging options, product portfolio and choice of sizes that suit your usage requirements, we support your efforts to maximize efficiency and minimize the hazardous effects on human health and the environment. If you do not find the products that you need, our Specialized Chemical Services may be able to fulfill your requirements. Please contact your Fisher Scientific Sales Representative or visit for more information on our products and services.

*For United States customers only, where applicable.

1Taygerly, J. P.; Miller, L. M.; Yee, A.; Peterson, E. A., A convenient guide to help select replacement solvents for dichloromethane in chromatography. Green Chem. 2014, 14, (11), 3020-3025.

2MacMillan, D.S.; Murry, J., et al, Replacement of dichloromethane with chromatographic purification: a guide to alternative solvents. Green Chem. 2012, 14, 3016.



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