The First Lab Freeze Dryer for Continuous Sublimation

Freeze drying (or lyophilization) is a method of preserving samples by gently sublimating the solvents to preserve the integrity of temperature-sensitive materials. A typical freeze-drying process can be subdivided into three phases — freezing, primary drying, and secondary drying.

First, the sample is frozen. The frozen solute is then removed by sublimation at a low temperature while applying a vacuum. To maintain the drying process, the heat losses must be counterbalanced by the introduction of heat. Lyovapor Freeze Dryers use temperature-regulated shelves for this heat replacement. 

Freeze Dryers

BUCHI offers two new Lyovapor freeze drying platforms: models L-200 and L-300. The L-200 incorporates a chiller capacity of 6kg, which is best suited for aqueous samples (-55°C). The Lyovapor L-300 is the first freeze dryer to offer unlimited capacity that BUCHI calls Infinite-Technology; L-300 systems are suitable for both aqueous and organic solvents (-105°C).

Both platforms can be configured to meet your specific needs and readily adapted to changing requirements. Choose drying chambers with heated or non-heated shelves and manifold configurations from 12 to 36 places. The heated shelves can accommodate bulk sample trays or vials, and each shelf’s temperature can be separately controlled.

Endless Capacity

Standard freeze dryers have a single condenser to collect ice from aqueous and organic solvents. The freezing capacity decreases when the condenser is full, and the unit must be defrosted and cleaned. This causes significant downtime and interrupts the process. The Infinite-Technology of the L-300 includes dual condensers for unlimited capacity. One condenser collects ice while the other is automatically and hygienically emptied and steam-cleaned. This innovation does not interrupt the freeze-drying process, thereby reducing downtime and maintenance.

Full Process Control

All Lyovapors include Infinite-Control software for a flexible and easy user experience. This advanced software offers data recording, customized reporting, quick methods designs and real-time data monitoring (on computers or on trebuchet mobile app). Additional features designed to safeguard your samples include a sample protective state and endpoint detection. The Lyovapor sets a new standard for laboratory freeze drying capacity and convenience.


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