Establish a Spill Control Program

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Leaks, drips and spills are an unavoidable reality in nearly every workplace environment. Fluid handling is essential, and the ability to contain those fluids can have a significant effect on workplace safety, financial performance and overall productivity.

The Stats on Workplace Accidents

  • A leading cause of unintentional injuries that require approximately 8.9 million annual emergency room visits in the U.S.
  • Lead to more than 17 percent of all disabling occupational injuries
  • Account for 95 million lost workdays per year
  • Cost an average of $20,000 per incident

Take the right steps to better contain these hazards and reduce the rate of consequential accidents and injuries. Start by establishing a spill control program for your facility that includes two components: a general maintenance program and an emergency spill response protocol.

General Maintenance

 A key part of general maintenance is maintaining a supply of and effectively deploying absorbents, which are available in two primary forms.  

Granular/loose absorbents can absorb an amount of liquid equivalent to their own weight (a 1:1 ratio). Polypropylene-based absorbents are usually packaged as a sheet, pad or roll and can absorb up to 20 times their weight in liquid. These products are also designed to meet specific durability, absorbency and traffic requirements to ensure their effectiveness in various environmental conditions.

Things to Consider

The Environment

Is there a lot of traffic where leaks, drips and spills occur? If so, look for products designed for high-traffic areas. These usually include multiple layers and are thicker for added durability.

Common Fluids

When dealing primarily with oil or oil-based fluids, go for oil-only absorbents which are generally less expensive. If you encounter a variety of fluids in your facility, use a medium or heavyweight universal pad to provide maximum versatility and reduce the need to stock multiple products.


Absorbents are only effective when your employees use them. Keep a supply of absorbents readily accessible in multiple clean, dry areas of your facility to give your employees fast access for expedited cleanup. 

Emergency Spill Response

Absorbent spill kits provide the best temporary solution for larger spills. Spill kits typically contain a variety of absorbent pads, socks, pillows and personal protective equipment. Kits usually include instruction manuals to guide you through the cleanup process and present best practices during and after spill containment.

Spill kits are available in a variety of sizes to help with small, medium or large spill cleanup. Keep smaller spill kits in laboratories, on mobile work stations, and in manufacturing work cells. Place large kits near entrances and exits, in distribution centers, and in areas with significant fluid storage.

Fisherbrand Products

The Fisherbrand line of absorbents features a variety of color-coded absorbent pads and rolls to support your needs. Choose universal (gray), oil-only (white) and chemical (yellow/green) absorbents or Fisherbrand spill kits (ranging in size from 2- to 95-gallon fluid-absorbing capacity).

Slips, trips and falls have a significant impact on every aspect of the workplace. Instituting a two-pronged spill control program anchored by absorbents can help reduce the likelihood of these events in your facility. You can rely on Fisherbrand products to support all of your absorbent and spill control needs.

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