Enhanced Analytical Chemistry Learning With UV-VIS Technology

Thermo Scientific SPECTRONIC and GENESYS Spectrophotometers


Instructors rely on spectrophotometers that read in the visible and UV-visible ranges to teach their high school and undergraduate chemistry students about spectroscopic concepts such as: 

  • Beer’s Law 
  • Reaction kinetics 
  • Spectrochemical series 

These core instruments must not only be reliable enough for use year after year, but also combine operation simple enough for a beginner with modern, accurate features. Thermo Scientific spectrophotometers are designed with those needs in mind.

For 57 years, the Thermo Scientific SPECTRONIC spectrophotometers from Thermo Fisher Scientific have been the frontrunners in UV-VIS spectroscopy for education. The SPECTRONIC 20 spectrophotometer introduced generations of chemistry and biology students to hands-on quantitative analysis through spectroscopy and led the market by offering affordable and reliable measurements to a single absorbance unit. Thermo Scientific instruments continue to offer better data quality over a larger range of concentrations, making them well suited for introductory, intermediate and advanced teaching levels. 

SPECTRONIC 200E spectrophotometer, the latest addition to the SPECTRONIC line, was developed for Advanced Placement (AP) high school and introductory college courses. 

It offers an array detector with fast scanning and integration times and is optimized to deliver the most accurate data at all wavelengths. The SPECTRONIC 200E Spectrophotometer delivers features that have made it a favorite among teachers: 

  • Reliability and accuracy over a wide concentration range
  • Stand-alone simplicity, total control without a computer
  • Removable, washable sample compartment for easy classroom cleanup

The new Thermo Scientific GENESYS 30 visible spectrophotometer was designed for college and university students and delivers next-level accuracy and precision combined with a superior user experience. Introduced in 2016, the GENESYS 30 incorporates the latest technologies to deliver stable, accurate results between 325 and 1100nm. Its intuitive keypad can easily be programmed and allows the user to easily choose:

  • Scanning
  • Live display 
  • OD600
  • Quantitative analyses 
A high-resolution, five-inch screen displays your results. Choose the printer accessory to create hard copies for reports or save your data to a USB stick for later analysis.

When your experiments call for measurements in the UV range, consider the popular Thermo Scientific GENESYS 10S UV-Vis spectrophotometer. As a proven performer in hundreds of teaching labs, the GENESYS 10S spectrophotometer combines a reputation for resilience with a xenon lamp that lasts and lasts. Choose it for the power and flexibility to do more sophisticated quantitative analysis, kinetics and scanning applications with advanced students while retaining a simple live display option that first-time users can master with only a minute’s training.

Classroom spectroscopy solutions have never been more accurate, accessible and economical. Whatever your needs, there is a Thermo Scientific spectrophotometer that can meet them without compromising data quality or support. Empower your students to master scientific concepts with robust, easy-to-use SPECTRONIC and GENESYS spectrophotometers from the world leader in serving science.

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