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Meet your liquid chromatography needs with products from our portfolio. Find columns for HPLC, UHPLC, FPLC, LC-MS, and flash applications, as well as small and large molecule analysis. Choose from reverse phase (C18, C8, RP-amide polar-embedded, phenyl, diol, cyano), normal phase, ionic, size exclusion, and preparatory varieties. For optimal liquid chromatography system performance, consider high-quality solvents and buffers, calibration standards, autosampler vials, solid phase extraction cartridges, and other accessories to support your methods from sample preparation to separation.


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Step 1: Sample Preparation

Find a variety of sample preparation solutions for your liquid chromatography methods. Increase speed and achieve reproducible results with solid phase extraction and QuEChERS products, filters, and more.

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Step 2: Sample Handling

Step 3: Separation

Step 4: Solvents

Step 5: Essentials

Complete your liquid chromatography workflow with additional essentials, such as fittings, frits, syringes, tubing, and connectors. Find accessories and more for your instruments and methods.

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Chromatography Reagents

Chromatography Reagents

Achieve reproducible results with top solvents, buffers, and standards.

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Protein Purification Chromatography

Life Sciences Chromatography

Enhance your workflow with resins, antibodies, and reagents.

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Gas Chromatography

Gas Chromatography

Improve your methods with filters, vials, and accessories.

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