Thermo Scientific Chromatography Vials and Closures Buying Guide


Maximizing productivity and achieving reproducible results in chromatography requires a fully optimized workflow from sample through assay. With that in mind, the Thermo Scientific™ portfolio supports sample security and integrity with a variety of products to fit your lab and budget.

Continue reading to learn more about vials, septa, closures, and other products best suited for your specific applications and autosampler needs, or explore the entire Thermo Scientific chromatography portfolio.

Understanding Septa

Using the right septa for your application is vital to successful assays. Using the wrong septa can compromise your results and reduce the lifespan of other lab equipment and supplies, increasing your overall costs.

Thermo Scientific Sample Handling Solutions Brochure (PDF, 13.2Mb)

Better Septa Performance

Achieve the sealing and performance characteristics of crimp top vials with the versatility and convenience of threaded vials with the patented design of Thermo Scientific™ SureStop™ vials. This innovative vial design — along with the Advanced Vial Closure System (AVCS) cap — removes subjectivity around achieving the optimal seal compression when closing a vial.

Poorly fitting closures can cause septa to push through or distort, creating the possibility of leaks and contamination.


SureStop vials and AVCS caps help mitigate error failures like cap tilt, cap deformities, dislodged septa, and septa push through, ultimately helping you reduce re-analysis costs and increase data integrity and sample throughput.

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How SureStop Vials with AVCS Closures Work

See how SureStop Vials and AVCS closures combine to provide optimal sealing and protection.

Choosing the Right Septa

When choosing proper septa, there are many factors to consider: application temperature, type of solvent or sample, slit or non-slit design, and reseal ability. These factors ultimately lead to material makeup of the septa. Depending on the material chosen, you must also determine the proper tip diameter and if the septa must be able to withstand multiple injections to avoid debris.

The chart below offers a starting point to help you select septa that will help prevent contamination and avoid damage.


Non-Reactive Surfaces

Need to detect low concentrations of analytes?

Increasingly sensitive chromatography and mass spectrometry systems demand reliable vials that can routinely deliver the ultimate in purity and the lowest surface activity possible. Learn about state-of-the-art vial technology for analyzing critical analytes during low-detection-limit assays and when sample quality, reproducibility, security, and integrity are of upmost importance.

Thermo Scientific Glass Quality White Paper (PDF, 1.3Mb)

Thermo Scientific Autosampler Glass Vial pH Effects Technical Note (PDF, 431Kb)

Low Particle and Low Background

Experiencing particulate background in high-sensitivity analyses?

Thermo Scientific Mass Spec (MS) Certified Vials undergo a proprietary cleaning process that greatly reduces background particulates and with their potential effect on high-sensitivity chromatography.

Autosampler Vials and Caps for HPLC, LC-MS, GC, and GC-MS

Thermo Scientific vials and closures are available in a wide range of options to fit every HPLC, GC, and MS instrument — as well as your application and budget.

Thermo Scientific Autosampler Compatibility Chart (PDF, 192Kb)