The BEAM Collaborative

The BEAM Collaborative

About the BEAM Collaborative

The Fisher Scientific channel is working with the BEAM Collaborative to expand our portfolio offering in a thoughtful way to benefit our customers and the community.

Based in Pittsburgh, BEAM aims to create a thriving business environment powered by the strength of the Black community. As a nonprofit organization, they help facilitate collaboration to craft strategic supplier diversity solutions that add value to your business.

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Rohan Jones
Supplier Engagement Manager, Supplier Diversity

Expertise & Offerings

In today's competitive and socially conscious research landscape, embracing diversity is more than an ethical consideration—it's a requirement for many grants. The challenges of implementing a diversity spend goal are numerous and multifaceted. Leveraging the accredited Fisher Scientific channel Supplier Diversity program and BEAM’s expertise, you can overcome these common barriers:

Lack of Knowledge­—access education and best practices

No Established Networks—connect to an extensive, diverse supplier community

Integration Concerns—develop a customized plan without compromising your goals

Reporting and Compliance—achieve greater transparency and regulation adherence

Misallocation of Funds—receive guidance for effective and genuine diversity spending

Time Constraints—navigate complexity so you can focus on your core work

Fear of Mistakes—leverage expertise to minimize risks

Impact on Team Dynamics—foster positive integration and team building

Become a Supplier Diversity Partner

Become a Supplier Diversity Partner

If you are a small or diverse business, we can help you achieve your goals too. We offer training, order and logistics support, inventory management, and so much more. Find out what it takes to become eligible for our program.

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