STEM Classroom Measurement

12-Inch Rulers <img src=

12-Inch Rulers Products for Science Education

Made of shatter-resistant material.

Solid Hard Maple Meter Sticks <img src=

Solid Hard Maple Meter Sticks Products for Science Education

Premium quality, solid North American Maple.

Windup Meter Tapes <img src=

Windup Meter Tapes Products for Science Education

Durable tapes won't tear, break, rust or stretch.

Pocket Rulers <img src=

Pocket Rulers Products for Science Education

Calibrated in inches on one edge, centimeter on the other.

Protractor Set <img src=

Protractor Set Products for Science Education

Easy-to-use protractor set available in different colors.

Fisherbrand™ Traceable™ Digital Carbon Fiber Calipers <img src=

Fisherbrand™ Traceable™ Digital Carbon Fiber Calipers Products for Science Education

Switch between inches and millimeters easily.

Electronic Digital Micrometer <img src=

Electronic Digital Micrometer Products for Science Education

Offers metric/inch conversion, origin setting, data hold, relative/absolute measuring and tolerance setting.

Eisco™ Vernier Caliper <img src=

Eisco™ Vernier Caliper Products for Science Education

Plated steel, columbus type caliper enables the user to read either inside, outside or depth measurements.

Eisco™ Tape Measure, 60 in. <img src=

Eisco™ Tape Measure, 60 in. Products for Science Education

For basic measurement in classroom applications. The EISCO Tape Measure totals 60 inches with increments of one eighth of an inch.

Eisco™ Micrometer Screw Gauge <img src=

Eisco™ Micrometer Screw Gauge Products for Science Education

Providesa accuracy, perfect for a hobbyist or student

Liquid Measurement Kit <img src=

Liquid Measurement Kit Products for Science Education

Imperial and metric equivalents.

Interlocking Cube Grams <img src=

Interlocking Cube Grams Products for Science Education

Each cube measures one cubic centimeter and weighs one gram.

Angle Ruler <img src=

Angle Ruler Products for Science Education

Measure inches, centimeters and degrees using this flexible angle ruler.

Triangle Meter Stick <img src=

Triangle Meter Stick Products for Science Education

Unique design for constructing square cubic meters or connecting meter sticks.

Compass <img src=

Compass Products for Science Education

Shortened point for increased student safety.

Teacher's Four-Sided Meter Stick <img src=

Teacher's Four-Sided Meter Stick Products for Science Education

For demonstrating usage.

English/Metric Tape Measurer <img src=

English/Metric Tape Measurer Products for Science Education

60 in. long (150cm) plastic tape.

Trundle Wheel with Counter <img src=

Trundle Wheel with Counter Products for Science Education

Now it's easy to measure long distances using metrics.