STEM Teacher Resources

Innovating Science™ Periodic Table <img src=

Innovating Science™ Periodic Table Products for Science Education

Innovating Science™ Periodic Table constructed of a durable, light weight, waterproof vinyl.

Eisco™ Wooden Lever <img src=

Eisco™ Wooden Lever Products for Science Education

Wooden lever ideal for use in physics classrooms to explore lever, simple machines, and forces.

Eisco™ Student Optical Bench <img src=

Eisco™ Student Optical Bench Products for Science Education

A cost effective way to demonstrate the basic principles of optics in a typical high school science lab

Eisco™ Tuning Fork Striker <img src=

Eisco™ Tuning Fork Striker Products for Science Education

A rubber tuning fork striker that ideal for classroom use

Eisco™ Ohm's Law Apparatus <img src=

Eisco™ Ohm's Law Apparatus Products for Science Education

Effectively demonstrates the interdependence of current, voltage, and resistance on Ohm's Law

Eisco™ Ping Pong Balls <img src=

Eisco™ Ping Pong Balls Products for Science Education

Ping pong balls that can be used as a general classroom supply, in physics experiments, or as a replacement in educational kits such as trebuchet.

Eisco™ Inclined Plane Board <img src=

Eisco™ Inclined Plane Board Products for Science Education

Reinforced with extruded aluminum to maintain rigidity for reliable performance. Features a plastic pulley mounted on one end and warp resistant rails that act as a guide for Hall's carriage and coefficient of friction blocks.

Eisco™ Laboratory Safety Chart <img src=

Eisco™ Laboratory Safety Chart Products for Science Education

Laboratory safety chart with colored illustrations can be used in any school laboratory.

3B Scientific™ Projectile Launcher <img src=

3B Scientific™ Projectile Launcher Products for Science Education

3B Scientific™ Projectile Launcher is for the quantitative investigation of projectile laws (vertical, horizontal and angled launch) and recording flight trajectories depending on launch angle and projectile range

3B Scientific™ Millisecond Counter <img src=

3B Scientific™ Millisecond Counter Products for Science Education

3B Scientific™ Millisecond Counter is an inexpensive, compact counter for measuring milliseconds in conjunction with the free-fall apparatus (U8400830)

United Scientific Liquid-Filled Compass <img src=

United Scientific Liquid-Filled Compass Products for Science Education

Durable liquid-filled compass housed in a black rotatable bezel.

Vernier™ Advanced Physics with Vernier — Beyond Mechanics <img src=

Vernier™ Advanced Physics with Vernier — Beyond Mechanics Products for Science Education

Use Vernier probeware to teach concepts at the college physics, AP* Physics, or IB** Physics level. Use it in addition to and for a comprehensive set of topics.

Curriculum Mastery™ Flip Charts: Science <img src=

Curriculum Mastery™ Flip Charts: Science Products for Science Education

Presents comprehensive review of science standards.

NewPath Learning™ Science Visual Learning Guides <img src=

NewPath Learning™ Science Visual Learning Guides Products for Science Education

Use visual learning methods to improve student performance.

Curriculum Mastery™ Flip Charts: Math <img src=

Curriculum Mastery™ Flip Charts: Math Products for Science Education

Presents comprehensive review of science standards.

Emergency Drinking Water <img src=

Emergency Drinking Water Products for Science Education

Provides critical clean water in a severe emergency or disaster.

Science Vocabulary Bulletin Board Set <img src=

Science Vocabulary Bulletin Board Set Products for Science Education

An innovative, science-themed bulletin board set.