Biotechnology Classroom Gel Visualization

Fisherbrand™ UV Crosslinker with Adjustable Height, 115v <img src=

Fisherbrand™ UV Crosslinker with Adjustable Height, 115v Products for Science Education

Provides a safe, time-efficient solution with a controlled amount of ultraviolet radiation.

Edvotek™ White Light Box <img src=

Edvotek™ White Light Box Products for Science Education

Safely enhance the visualization of DNA stained with FlashBlue™, proteins stained with Coomassie Blue and autoradiograms with the Edvotek White Light Box.

Edvotek™ TruBlu™ 2 Blue/White Transilluminator <img src=

Edvotek™ TruBlu™ 2 Blue/White Transilluminator Products for Science Education

For viewing DNA gels stained with SYBR™ Safe eliminating the need for UV light or ethidium bromide. Edvotek TruBlu 2 Blue Light Transilluminator is optimized to fit Edvotek Gels and the high intensity control and orange lid ensure superior visualization.

United Scientific™ Gel Staining Tray <img src=

United Scientific™ Gel Staining Tray Products for Science Education

Gel Staining Tray for staining, fixing, de-staining, and handling fragile electrophoresis gels and membranes.

Vernier BlueView Transilluminator <img src=

Vernier BlueView Transilluminator Products for Science Education

Uses super bright blue LEDs to illuminate electrophoresis gels stained with SYBR Safe stain.

Gel Staining Boxes <img src=

Gel Staining Boxes Products for Science Education

Electrophoresis gels and membranes can be easily stained, fixed, destained and handled.

Electrophoresis Gel Plate Rack <img src=

Electrophoresis Gel Plate Rack Products for Science Education

Separates glass plates to reduce chipping and cracking.

Revolutionary Science™ IncuCount Automatic Colony Counter 150 <img src=

Revolutionary Science™ IncuCount Automatic Colony Counter 150 Products for Science Education

The IncuCount Automatic Colony Counter 150 counts colonies/antibiotic reactions in a matter of seconds.