Facility Maintenance and Safety

Facility Maintenance and Safety

To maintain a safe facility, it’s important to focus on three key areas: personal protective equipment, safety equipment, and hazard protection.

A Full Range of Products

Personal protective equipment (PPE) includes reusable and disposable apparel, hats and helmets, ear plugs or muffs, safety eyewear and face shields, gloves, shoes and boots, face masks, and other levels of respiratory protection.

Safety equipment encompasses handling and storage products for chemicals and other hazardous substances, spill control and containment products, safety showers and eyewashes, signage and labels, lockout tagout (LOTO) products, first aid kits, fire safety products, and other specialized emergency response items.

Your Workplace Safety Resource

We can help you protect your people, your facilities, and the environment. To help you prepare your facilities, prevent hazards, protect your employees, and respond to accidents, we offer a broad selection of products from industry-leading manufacturers.

Rely on our experience to assist you in maintaining compliance with current OSHA, NFPA, EPA, NIOSH, CSA, and ANSI standards. Whether you’re in the pharmaceutical, industrial, biotechnology, chemical, academic, or other sector, we have the products you need to help you work safely.

Experienced Safety Specialists

Fisher Scientific safety specialists are highly trained and knowledgeable of industry standards and applications and are ready to assist you with making the appropriate product selections for your specific safety needs.


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