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Microscopes for the Lab and Classroom

Compound and Stereo Microscopes

Our portfolio is complete with both compound and stereoscopic microscopes. Compound microscopes are ideal for viewing slide-mounted, micro-sized specimens that are transparent enough to let light pass through them. Compound microscopes provide high-power magnification, a narrow field of view and a short working distance.

Stereoscopic microscopes are perfect for viewing unmounted, macro-sized objects that are too dense to let light pass through them like insects, plants, rocks and coins. Stereoscopic microscopes provide low-power magnification, a wide field of view and a long working distance.


Stereoscopic and compound microscopes are both offered with a digital camera built into the head. Digital microscopes have various outputs, including USB, that connect to your computer and come with imaging software that allows you to capture images, generate video clips, manipulate, label, amalgamate and more. Traditional microscopes can always be made digital by adding an eyepiece camera to the scope. These cameras also come with imaging software.

Illumination Options

  • Natural light – uses available light to view the specimens
  • Versatile light – ambient light delivers opportunities to view transparent specimens as well as opaque specimens like plants and insects
  • Budget friendly – inexpensive and popular in elementary schools


  • Yellowish light – can distort the colors of the specimen you're viewing
  • Hot light – preferred for illuminating nonliving specimens


  • Very bright, white light – gives specimens a more natural appearance
  • Hot, concentrated light – preferred for use with binocular compound microscopes and for illuminating nonliving specimens
  • High-level illumination – perfect for research-level microscopes


  • White light – gives specimens a more natural appearance
  • HCool light – preferred for illuminating living specimens
  • Green – energy efficient and useful in cordless microscopes

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