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Balances in the micro-weighing range deliver unmatched accuracy and feature compact, space-saving designs for safe operation and efficient process security.



Analytical Balances

Efficient analytical balances help support safety and compliance requirements, providing advanced security features and easy operation.



Precision Balances

Precision balances feature high performance, intelligent quality assurance, and fit seamlessly into your weighing workflows. 



pH and Electrochemistry

These professional yet intuitive instruments can easily handle the most complex applications and meet stringent requirements in regulated markets.




Ideal for fast and precise water content determination with very simple operation.



Density Meters, Refractometers, and Melting Point Systems

Analyze a wide variety of liquids quickly and accurately. Or record and review melting episodes for investigation of unexpected results.


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Efficient, Accurate Data Management

XPR Precision Balances are efficient, reliable, and accurate.

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New GLP Meters

Explore the data handling capabilities of SevenDirect meters.

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Whatever your application, METTLER TOLEDO offers the solution that best fits your lab weighing needs. Rely on their renowned, high-precision instruments for weighing to the nearest 0.0000001g and up to several hundred metric tons. Use their weighing instruments in laboratories, for production and quality control applications, and in universities and specialty stores. Enjoy ease of use, flexibility, and accuracy with METTLER TOLEDO’s many solutions.